Arts & Crafts Show and Street Vendors

If you're looking for gifts, new clothes, art for your house or just about anything else, you are likely to find what you're looking for at one of the many vendor booths lining the tree-shaded streets during the Inman Park Festival.


The Arts & Crafts Market is a jury-selected group of more than 150 artists showcasing their work in a variety of media including sculpture, painting and photography.

The Street Market houses more than 250 booths of vendors selling antiques, handcrafted wares, clothing and a large variety of other items.

Community Corner booths showcase a variety of non-profit organizations where you can learn about and help out groups doing important work locally and across the states.

Together they comprise one of the largest street markets in the Southeast!

2018 Arts & Crafts Winners

First Place

Greg Stones

Second Place

Matthew Terrell

Third Place

Emma Knapp

Honorable Mentions

Melissa Steurer
Kathryn Wieldraayer
Eileen Tantillo